This large flat panel mold is an amazing new product we recently developed to meet the needs of many of our customers.  It is large enough to accommodate large projects and/or multiple jobs at once.  It’s size allows you to set multiple items on one mold, which can be a more efficient use of time and space. It’s 3/4″ depth provides maximum versatility.

This Universal Panel Mold is large and versatile enough to utilize for numerous applications and layouts including:

  • Shower walls
  • Flat stock vanity tops (vanity tops with a detached backsplash)
  • Angle vanity tops (detached backsplash)
  • Kitchen countertops and backsplashes
  • Long window sills
  • Wall panels
  • Bathtub decks
  • Tub surrounds
  • Tabletops
  • Custom molding such as trim, sills, thresholds, etc.
  • Items that are long and need a good finished edge

WP07 Line Drawing